June 23, 2024

Signs You Have Been Scammed and Need Help

Do you know a lot of people are unable to realize that the scammer has played their trick on them and they can’t do anything about it? So, what happens is that people start trading with a platform after they think they have built some trust. They trade on the platform, everything seems normal, and there is nothing suspicious that could alarm them. However, within all of this, if they pay attention to finer details, they can figure out that they are only playing inside the field that the scammer has created for them.

They are not making any profits, they will not become wealthy, and they will not learn trading in any way. Have you recently signed up with a company that is sending you these same vibes? How do you know you have fallen in the trap of a scammer? Let these signs help you figure all of that out.

No Sign of Regulation and Registration

You looked at the amazing account types when you signed up. You liked the fact that you could start with just $250 so you were not taking a big risk at all. The leverage, margin requirements, account managers, and everything else looked just perfect to you when you signed up. Not to mention, you even got a demo account that you could use for practicing trading. However, in all of this, you forgot to look at regulation and registration information of the company. When things sound too good to be true, they are not true.

If the company you have signed up with is registered, you will find that information right on the home page of the website. If they don’t have that information, call them and ask them for their license number. Also, regulation is so important for online brokers that if they are regulated, there is no way they will not mention that on the website. So, if there is no information about regulation, the chances are they are not regulated at all.

No One Ever Picks up Your Call

So, you have run into some problem regarding your trading account or the trading software and you want to talk to someone about it. You have called many times but there is no one picking up the phone on the other side. It does not matter what time you choose to call, no one ever picks up the call. The last thing you can do is to send an email to the company. Good luck to you if there is no email on the website. However, if you don’t get a reply to your email within 24 hours, you can be sure that it is not a legitimate company that you have chosen for your trades.

The first thing you can do is to look at the forex broker blacklist to confirm that your trading services provider is not appearing on that list. If they are on the list, well, you know what you have done.

You Can’t Take out Your Profits

The company claimed on the website that you could make guaranteed income after signing up with them because their software is unique and predicts the prices accurately infallibly. You sign up, make the first deposit, set up the software, and you see the software making money. The amount in your trading accounts continues to increase, but it comes to withdrawing that amount, you can’t. They tell you to deposit more money to get your profits. This is quite a common practice with online Bitcoin trading robot scams. If they ask for money for you to withdraw your profits, they are scamming you for sure.

Final Thoughts

If you notice any of these things happening to you, it is best that you get help from a money recovery service as soon as possible. Don’t fall for their words because they will try to win your trust and make you deposit more funds. You will lose every penny that you deposit in your trading account with a scammer.

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